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Rich’s Portuguese Egg Tart Topping + 22 Egg Tart Shells

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Rich’s Portuguese Egg Tart Topping + 22 Egg Tart Shells

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Rich’s Portuguese Egg Tart Liquid is an ‘All-in-1’ solution for everyone.
– Saves Time
– Saves Labour
– Saves Space
– As Easy as 1 – 2 – 3
– Consistent and Premium Quality
– Hygiene Individual Pack



Non dairy fat emulsifier (water, sugar, soybean oil, whole milk powder, albumen powder, emulsifiers (sodium caseinate, 435, 491, 471, 475,481i, 473, 405), thickeners (412, 415, 464), homectant (339ii), color (160(a)), food grade flavor, salt), pasteurized liquid egg yolk.

Allergen reminder:
Contains milk, egg and soybean.

Country of Origin

Egg Tart Topping (Tianjin, China), Egg Tart Shells (Malaysia)


– Frozen


Portuguese Egg Tart Topping - Yes
Egg Tart Shells - Originally halal, but repacked in an approved repacking facility.

Directions for Use

1. Thaw topping (more than 8 hours in the fridge at between 2°C to 10°C, completely into liquid form.
2. After thawing, shake the topping evenly before pouring.

3. Preheat oven to top 230°C.

4. Pour liquid into tart shell, around 80-90% full, removing bubbles on the top to ensure a smooth tart surface.

5. Bake for 17-20 minutes. To cool slightly on a cooling rack before serving.

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