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Belgium White Chocolate Couverture 29% - Button

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Belgium White Chocolate Couverture 29% - Button

  • $7.05

Our premium white chocolate couverture (29%) buttons is never short of praises: crafted by experts, used by professionals, and deeply loved by friends and family. Be sure and ready to be exposed to a harmonising composition of flavour and texture, all in complemence to a comforting sweetness.

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Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Emulsifier (E322 Soya), Natural Vanilla Flavoring

Country of Origin





Originally halal, but repacked in an approved repacking facility.

Product features

A careful blending, refining and conching of the best ingredients give us the authentic dark chocolate, with the intense flavor and taste typical of this variety of chocolate. Our dark chocolate is the combination result of cocoa mass and sugar, with the addition of cocoa butter, lecithin and flavor.

A perfect tempering for the stable crystallization of the cocoa butter results in a shiny chocolate molded in drops (easy-melt) or in chips of various sizes that maintain all the typical characteristics of flavor (acid, bitter and sweet), sound (a clean break) and texture (hard but smooth when melting).

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