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Rich’s Bettercreme – 907 g

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Non-Dairy Cream

Rich’s Bettercreme – 907 g

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RICH’S Bettercreme non-dairy icing is preferred by decorators and consumers alike because it offers endless decorating opportunities and easier to use. For base icing, it glides on without cracks or tears. It makes flowers, borders and distinctive design work a breeze. Consumers prefer it because it’s lighter, less sweet and has zero grams of trans fat per serving. RICH’S Bettercreme non-dairy icing offers greater yield than Buttercreme icing.



Water, High fructose corn syrup, Whole milk powder (not less than 5%, contains soy lecithin), Sugar, Partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil (contains soy lecithin), Stabilizers (Carrageenan (407), Locust bean gum (410), Xanthan gum (415)), Artificial flavour, Color (Beta carotene (160a(i))).

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Store at -18°C. Thaw product under refrigeration before opening.



Product Features

– Unique taste
– Delicious, creamy taste that melts in your mouth.
– Tastes great even if stored at room temperature. Perfect as filling for bread and cakes. It is also suitable for decorating bakery products.
– First of its kind in Malaysia and Singapore. This new innovative product from Rich’s provides opportunities to create new ranges of exciting bakery delights such as bread and cakes.
– Safe for consumption and ideal for ambient bread and cakes
– RICH’S Bettercreme is derived from a unique “Freeze Flow” technology which allows consumption of bakery items at ambient temperature with no risk of bacterial growth. Therefore, RICH’S Bettercreme has proven to be reliably safe for consumption as filling for bread and cakes at room temperature.

Ease of Handling

– RICH’S Bettercreme can be used immediately after whipping. At different room temperature, the product appearance remains stable.
– On the other hand when using butter or margarine, you will need to add sugar and other ingredients. Buttercreme and margarine can only be stored at ambient temperature and cannot be refrigerated as the product will harden and cause inconvenience.

Handling Instructions

– Thaw under refrigeration (2°C – 7°C) before use. Shake well before opening.
– You may wish to follow the recommended method or add other ingredients as desired before whipping.
– Whipped products can be stored at room temperature and the shelf life depends on environmental hygiene.

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