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Rich’s Versatie Cooking & Whipping Solution (Chilled) – 1 Litre

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Rich’s Versatie Cooking & Whipping Solution (Chilled) – 1 Litre

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Rich’s Versatié™ is the ideal all-in-one product solution for both sweet and savory applications. With smooth texture and pleasant creamy note, Rich’s Versatié™ is the preferred alternative to dairy cream for all cooking, pouring and whipping needs.


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– Refrigerated unopened (2℃ – 7℃): 18 months
– Refrigerated opened (2℃ – 7℃): 14 days



Product Features

– Neutral taste allows chefs and home cooks to customise the finished product.
– Unsweetened.
– Nice creamy taste.

– Acidic resistance: Rich’s Versatié™ holds acidic substances without breaking down.
– Alcoholic resistance: Rich’s Versatié™ can hold alcohol in cold and hot applications without splitting.
– Heat stability: can be boiled and whipped. Has excellent stability on hot beverages.
– Reduction: less liquid loss and less time needed to reduce to a smooth consistency without lumps.

– Coating: thicker consistency provides a superior and even coating for pasta and spaghetti.
– Whipping: with added caster sugar, the whipped product remains stable for 2 days, without sugar, retains stability for 12 hours. The product has a smooth mouth-feel and pleasant taste.
– Cost-saving: Reduced operator cost due to higher overrun than dairy cream yield.
– Easy to open: Unique screw top lid for easy pouring and convenient storage.


Ideal for both hot and cold kitchen requirements:
– Used in savory or sweet recipes.
– Used for all pouring applications.
– Used for multiple purposes in the pastry kitchen.

Handling Instructions

– Keep refrigerated at temperature between 2℃ – 7℃ before and after open.
– Once opened, use within 14 days.

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